The movement is the heart of a watch, quite literally. It is motion that makes a watch tick, keeping time and powering its functions. But where does that motion come from?

In the early days of clockmaking, the motion was driven by a pendulum. The potential energy stored by winding the clock was released into the clock’s movement by a pendulum. The pendulum swings back and forth with a regular, constant speed that releases energy in measurable increments, powering the time keeping of a watch. However, pendulums are only reliable when a clock is still; they don’t work well in portable devices.

Eventually, the watch was invented. All early watches were “mechanical,” as we would call them today. In mechanical watches, the motion is driven by the unwinding of a spring, called a mainspring. The watch is manually wound, and then the spring unwinds in regular, measured increments that drive the timekeeping of the watch. Mechanical watches need to be wound every day, as the mainspring slowly unwinds over the course of 24 hours.

Later still, automatic watch movement was invented. In an automatic (or self-winding) watch, the mainspring is wound by the natural kinetic motion of a person’s body as they move. Specifically, an automatic watch has small round weights called “rotors” inside. These rotors are allowed to spin freely, reacting to your natural movement as you walk, run, gesture, or use your watch-side hand in any way. The spinning of these rotors transfers rotational movement to the mainspring, which is wound accordingly, and then unwinds and drives the watch.

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