What is a tourbillon?

A tourbillon is a type of escapement used in mechanical watches. The invention of the tourbillon is credited to Abraham-Louis Breguet who obtained the first patent for it in 1801. The word “tourbillon” comes from the French word for “whirlwind”.

The purpose of the tourbillon is to counteract the effects of gravity on the watch movement. By housing the escapement in a rotating cage, the balance wheel and other components are subjected to a changing gravitational force which averaging out over time results in improved accuracy.

1.) Akribos XXIV Men’s (AKR493YG) Genuine Mechanical Tourbillon Moonphase

This extremely affordable round faced Tourbillon has roman numeral indices on top of a textured white dial. Its approximately 42.5mm stainless steel casing isn’t too large for your medium to small wrists and also features a non-reflective sapphire. For the price, this watch is pretty unbeatable if you’re looking for an affordable Tourbillon.

2.) Stuhrling Original Men’s Tourbillon Grand Imperium Limited Edition

This Stuhrling Original has a Polished 23K yellow gold layered bevel, complete with a saphire crystal Limited edition, two-hand movement with open-heart tourbillon complication, Gold hydraulically pressed dial with gold, tone faceplate and individually applied black roman numerals, Water-resistant to 50 M (165 feet), and a Black genuine alligator leather strap with gold tone deployment push button clasp. For the price, it is almost unbeatable.


3.) Stuhrling Original Men’s ‘Tourbillon’ Dress Watch (541.331XK1)

The affordable mechanical hand wind movement Stuhrling and has a 5 star rating. Its textured black dial is accented by silver numerals instead of numbers which really gives it a classier look in our opinion. With a case diameter at 42mm, its not too large for a small wrist or too small for a large wrist. The open heart at the bottom of the case is what really sets this off as a quality time peice.


As we find more and more affordable Tourbillons, we will add them to this list. We come across a lot while were crawling the web for deals. Check back for more deals!

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If you’re in the market for a new watch, consider opting for one with a tourbillon movement. Tourbillons offer improved accuracy and can be visually stunning thanks to their exposed moving parts. Just be aware that they may come with a higher price tag and will need servicing more often than other types of watches.