What makes the automatic watch preferable to many is their artisanship make, which calls for extreme precision and advanced knowledge. Besides, they bear a better vintage, require no batteries, and come in different styles from different manufacturers. Here are seven reasons as to why you should buy an automatic watch.

1. No batteries needed with an automatic

The internal mechanism in these watches is what keeps them functioning, ruling out any need for batteries to power them. This means the watch can run without depending on a battery, whose power will run down in a year or two. The best part about running without the use of batteries is that the watch is safe against the danger that comes with battery fluid leakage, which is capable of corroding the mechanism of the watch or leading to rusting in the internal parts. This directly eliminates the chance of the watch wearing down, cutting back on the cost considerably.

2. The automatic movement is eco-friendly

These watches have claimed a legacy that surpasses that of quartz and digital watches, thanks to their seamless mechanical operation. As automatic watches claim their share of the market, they have also proved to be recyclable, and it should be remembered that they run without the need for battery power. These factors have made these watches eco-friendly and worth going for, despite their higher price tag. If you are an environmentalist, this is a reason to choose this watch.

3. Accuracy is paramount

Keeping time is one of the essential reasons for which you would want to have a watch, and this comes down to time accuracy. The automatic watch is one of the best-known accurate watches on the market, which gives it an edge for impressing many watch enthusiasts. However, although this watch is prone to lose up to eight seconds per day, the loss can vary depending on the quality or age of the watch. These watches are, however, need servicing after about five years. This has to do with oiling the mechanism, which, once again, can lead to better performance. The added advantage is that this watch does not require any battery replacement.

4. Automatics are long lasting watches

The most obvious benefit about automatic watches is that they last for ages. In most cases, these watches last decades longer than other types of watches. This is because, with the self-winding capabilities, the automatic watches are not prone to rust, leakage or accumulating dust, which is possible in most quartz watches. However, this does not mean that these watches are not subject to wear and tear, or breaking. If they are not in use for long enough, they may not conveniently restart, and this may necessitate fixing.

5. Automatic Watches are outstanding

Watches offer more than just telling time, as they also come as an essential part of yourfashion as well. These wrist pieces can make or break your style, depending on how classythey are, or how they fit with your outfit. Automatic watches rank high from their association with first-class social gatherings and black-tie events. They are also attached to romanticism at the time of introduction of mechanical wristwatches, and they live that glory to this day. For vintage enthusiasts, self-winding watches offer an unprecedented choice for topping up your closet or wardrob

6. The silence is unique

Forget the old tick-tock associated with the heartbeat; these watches offer a more silent operation that is not common in most watches out there. With their gears flowing silently, the second-hand sweeps silently and swiftly through time, making it a unique watch for those occasions that you would need a silent wrist piece.

7. Start an heir tradition

With the ability of this watch to live for decades, most of the time they outlive their original owners and are passed down the generational line. This watch thus offers a great relic that you can purchase and leave it to your preferred heir, thus leaving your memory and legacy down the line. It may not be much, but if well used and preserved, it offers a wonderful heirloom for friends and family.


When it comes to traditional aesthetics, automatic watches do the trick quite well. They are convenient, durable and their detailed construction calls for little maintenance, making them unique with something for everyone. It is a known fact that as much as these watches are a great deal, their longevity of service and convenience come down to how you use and preserves them. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure you take good care of your automatic watch if you want it to give the best service. When the type of watch you go for is, in most cases, a matter of choice, there is always a reason to go for an automatic watch, which has made them remain relevant through history. This is why it is important to take advantage of the typical features and mechanism of these watches and use them well for your benefit. What makes these watches unusual is the combination that comes with their efficiency and style, making them not only an exceptional choice for many, but also an iconic piece that stands up to its name.