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The Best Swiss Watches: Reviewed

In order for a watch to earn the “Swiss made” appellation, it has to meet a specific set of conditions set by the government of Switzerland. It isn’t simply a marketing claim; it’s a legal standard, requiring the movement to be made, encased, and tested in Switzerland. In other words, Swiss watches are Swiss in the same way that Iberian ham is Iberian and French wines are French...

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The Best
Watch Winders

After buying a watch you love, or starting a watch collection, you will soon realize that you need to buy an automatic watch winder. There are so many brands available to buy online that it can be hard to know which one is best, and which ones to stay away from.

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The Best
For Small Swists

Just as there are people of different heights and body sizes, there are people with small wrists. Having a small wrist doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing some of the automatic watches available right now. View our 40mm diameter and below watches:

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