Quick Facts:

  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Extreme accuracy – to within seconds in a year
  • Water resistant to 300 meters
  • Multiple layer carbon fiber dial

If you are searching for an absolutely beautiful automatic watch, the Bulova Men's 64C104 Gemini Watch is, in our opinion, one of the best automatic watches for under $1,000 on the market right now. This is true for many different reasons, the least of which is that it looks extremely elegant.

This is the kind of watch that you could wear to impress a date, a boss, or anybody in between. Bulova is a big-time brand name in the world of wrist watches and they never fail to deliver high-quality products, as evidence by this Bulova Men's 64C104 Gemini Watch.

The plethora of neat features which the Bulova Men's 64C104 Gemini Watch brings to the table will need to be discussed in further detail. This automatic watch does not need any winding; the movement from your arm is more than enough to power it, a big convenience factor.

Another impressive aspect here is the great accuracy at which the Bulova Men's 64C104 Gemini Watch tells time. It uses a special timing mechanism that is much more efficient and accurate than quartz. Besides that, the Bulova Men's 64C104 Gemini Watch is a very good looking and durable watch. Not only is it built to look nice, but to last for many years to come as well.


  • 12-hour chronograph function
  • Precise to within 1/1000th of a second
  • Much more accurate than quartz
  • Stainless steel bracelet and housing
  • Secure clasp clip
  • Leather band
  • Curved mineral crystal watch face
  • Multiple layer carbon fiber dial
  • Luminous markers and hands
  • Water resistant to 300 meters
  • Screw back and screw down crown
  • Exhibition back
  • 60 second, 30 minute, and 12 hour sub dials
  • Displays day and date


  • Extreme accuracy – to within seconds in a year
  • Very durable – stainless steel and waterproof
  • Rugged leather band
  • Very secure and easy to maneuver clasp
  • Displays time, day, date, in various ways
  • Luminous hands and markers for very easy reading
  • Extremely stylish and elegant design
  • Comes with a nice padded box


  • Very large
  • Bulky
  • heavy


Without a doubt, one of the best parts about this Bulova Men’s 64C104 Gemini Watch is that it is so extremely accurate. It uses a special Swiss-designed high-frequency 3-pronged quartz crystal to keep time. This might sound very technical, but the important part is that it is up to 3 times more accurate than a normal quartz timekeeping piece. This watch is accurate to within several seconds in a year. As far as we can tell, this is one of the most accurate and reliable watches that we have ever seen.

The fact that the Bulova Men’s 64C104 Gemini Watch is so durable is another bonus. The stainless steel casing and the stainless steel clasp are both rustproof and very rugged. Also, the leather band is about as durable as can be, not to mention that it looks very nice. Speaking of the band and the clasp, the clasp is designed to be very easy to maneuver, and once it is shut, it won’t just open up on its own. It is a secure watch to be wearing. 

This watch is even water resistant to 300 meters, which is quite impressive. We always like it when something like this is both very stylish and durable at the same time. Another thing that stands out here is that the Bulova Men’s 64C104 Gemini Watch is very easy to read. The curved crystal face combined with the luminous hands and markers makes it easy to tell the time even in the dark or if you happen to have misplaced your reading glasses. It might not be the cheapest watch out there, but boy is it ever beautiful, durable, highly accurate, and very functional too.


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