Quick Facts:

  • Less expensive, yet works great
  • Very compact
  • Prevents dust accumulation
  • Warranty is 1 year

Are you a traveler and need a watch winder for your ventures? This single watch winder for automatic watches that comes in black could make the ideal choice for you. What makes it any different from other watch winders? One attribute which stands out is it stops at the 12 o’clock mark to create a nice view and presentation.


  • Has multiple program settings to wind all brands of automatic watches
  • Multiple daily turns
  • It rests at the 12 o’clock mark
  • Has a compact size
  • The winder motor is a Japanese Mabuchi type
  • Has ample interior space for large and oversize watches
  • It comes with an adapter of 110-240v capacity
  • Manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year


  • This winder is cost-effective solution for smooth working of automatic watches when not on the wrist
  • It is equipped with a small footprint and a watch holder
  • Easy-to-control settings
  • Less expensive, yet works great
  • Keeps your watch wound without fear of over-winding
  • This single watch winder gives you peace of mind
  • It can serve as a watch winder, case display and a nightstand type of clock
  • Prevents dust accumulation


  • Can be a little bit noisy
  • It can accommodate only one watch at a time
  • You might be disappointed because it’s all plastic
  • A few users complained of poor customer service


There are few watch winders small enough for you to take with you while you are traveling, but the Versa Neo Single Watch Winder is one of them. This watch winder has some great features which gives it an edge over the competition. The Japanese Mabuchi motor and gear designs enhance its performance. Its compact size endears it to travelers and makes storage easy.


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