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Another watch winder up for review is the Volta Carbon Fiber Watch Winder. This is an imported carbon fiber watch winder of the Signature 16 Series, made for both men and women’s watches.


  • Measures 16.75” in length, 10.5” in width and 22.5” in height and weighs 40 lbs.
  • Has a piano-finished fiber exterior and a rich black leather interior of high-gloss finish
  • Equipped with LED lights for illumination
  • Will wind 16 watches at the same time
  • Universal mount makes it adaptable for both men and women’s watches
  • Each winder mount is powered by its high-quality and Japanese Mabuchi motor
  • Built-in LCD control
  • Equipped with secure lock mechanism
  • An LCD screen is incorporated into the winder
  • Has speed settings of 650, 900, 1350 0r 1800 revolutions


  • This winder has built in LED lights for illumination
  • The motors are quiet
  • The individual winders function independently and can be set to any direction
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • The winder is of very high quality with first class finish of the fittings and the case
  • Value for the price


  • Some users complain of a short warranty period for a such a new company like Volta
  • It has no rooms for storage like built-in clock or drawer
  • Costly


Are you scared of hefty watch winders? Here is a winder for you. It’s a unisex watch winder which gives it an edge over its competition. It’s beautifully and adequately illuminated by LED lighting inside the winder that nicely displays your watches. It comes with a key which you can use to lock the winder to secure your valuables. The fitted LCD screen helps you regulate the motor of the winder. Also, you can regulate the revolution direction and the speed of the winder as you desire.

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